A Credit Card to Inspire

You’re the Inspiration for Our New Inspire Card

When we designed our new Mastercard credit card, it seemed right to name it the Inspire, because we are inspired by the dedication and creativity of the educational community each and every day.

We’re Inspired by What Inspires Our Members

Jonathan, who is a substitute teacher in Centralia and Garden Grove, says, “My passion lies in seeing the smile of other people after you’ve done a service. There is no happiness in the money one receives, or the compliments he receives. The happiness lies in seeing the other person you’ve served smile, and their face brighten up.”
Christine, a fourth grade teacher in Cypress, says, “I love that every day is an exciting adventure and I have the privilege to teach to the future leaders of our country. I can honestly say that at the end of each school year, I learn more from my students, fellow colleagues, and parents that help shape me into a better educator.”

Inspiring You to Achieve a Better Financial Life

We all have one: a school employee who made a positive, permanent impression on us. Someone who saw something in us and nurtured it, gave our confidence a boost, or spent a little extra time when we needed help. And we wanted to give the Inspire card the same characteristics.
Some of the new Inspire card features we think you’ll enjoy include a free credit score and summary to help you understand and stay on top of your credit score, and resources to help you understand what steps you can take to improve your score, or what you need to keep doing to maintain it. You can access your score, summary and these resources at any time, no charge. Inspire also lets you skip a payment1 once a year in January—in case you need a break after the holidays. It also has chip-enabled EMV technology to help protect you from fraud. And with its everyday low rate and low to no fees2, it’s a card you can feel good about every time you use it.

Supporting the Mission

Each time you use your SchoolsFirst FCU Inspire Mastercard, you’re helping support our Credit Union’s mission. Whereas a bank returns profits to its shareholders, SchoolsFirst FCU uses the revenue we earn to offer direct benefits back to you, our Members—whether it’s lower interest rates on loans, higher savings dividend rates, no or low-fee financial products, free advice, or scholarships and grants for students and teachers. We give to charities that support education, and participate in financial education programs for youth and adults in our communities. And we support the efforts of the credit union movement, which is dedicated to helping Members achieve their financial hopes and dreams.